Raw Turmeric Pickle (Haldi Pickle)

Turmeric with its bright yellow color and distinctive flavor is a very important part of our spice box. It is added to almost all the curries,sambar,rasam and rice dishes. Its anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties are very beneficial for common cold, cough and more dangerous diseases like cancer etc. The west is discovering turmeric and its benefits now and  I have seen people adding it to their salads and soups in raw form. There are drinks like "turmeric latte" in the market !  In North India a person who is hurt physically is immediately given "haldi ka dudh" which is turmeric mixed with milk as it helps with healing and inflammation.

Last week when I visited Indian store ,I noticed  some ladies buying raw turmeric which looked like ginger. I asked them what are they going to do with it and one of them gave me the recipe of haldi pickle. I tried it for 2-3 times in small batches and liked this recipe the most. I believe this is a healthy pickle  which is good for daily consumption and most importantly the kids love it!




I bought two types of turmeric- one plain and the other bright orange in color also called "amba haldi"


Raw turmeric-- one cup (both types finely chopped)

Salt- 1 1/2 Tbsp

Sugar -- 1 Tsp 

Pickle masala - 3/4th cup

Lemons --3-4 

Oil--1/4th cup

Hing--A pinch


Take the chopped turmeric pieces in a bowl and salt , pickle masala, lemon juice ,sugar  to it and mix for 2-3 minutes. Heat oil on a medium flame and turn off the stove when oil become hot. Cool the oil and add it to the turmeric mixture along with hing and mix well. Store in a airtight container.

 Raw Turmeric 

Raw Turmeric 

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