Happy Ganesh Chaturthi ! This time of the year I miss home and the festivities there. I am sure all of us desi's living away from India feel the same way, especially during festival time.


Ganpati days in India were filled with lots of buzz and good food . As children we participated in lots of cultural activities during this time. My friend's grandmother was incharge of the programs and she prepared us children for plays, dances and skits.I have fond memories of all the preparations we did together, from stiching clothes to gathering things for play. The preparation time was filled with lot of excitement and when Ganpati finally arrived we roamed around the streets to check out the gigantic Ganpati statues and colorful decorations. Loud music played from every street corner and roads were adorned with lights of every possible color. Here is US we try to celebrate it with equal enthusiasm and cooking  food .It needs lots of work but it is all worth it!


Making Modak is essential part of Ganesh Chaturthi as it is considered to be Favorite food of here is how I made modak's this year


  • Whole Wheat flour ---1 cup
  • Milk--Half Cup
  • Salt--A Pinch
  • Coconut--( Grated )--4-5  Tablespoons
  • Jaggery--(grated)--3 Tablespoon
  • Cardamon powder--1 teaspoon
  • Poppy Seeds(khas-khas)--1 teaspoon(dry roasted)
  • Oil--2 cups 


Heat a pan and add grated coconut to it along with Jaggery and mix well. Add the Cardamon Powder, poppy seeds to it and cook till light brown in color. Keep aside.

Make a dough of Whole wheat flour by adding milk and water if needed. Roll out a small round shape poori and fill the coconut gravy in the center. Gather all sides and shape the modak. Deep fry in oil till golden brown on low flame and serve.

Note--You can make quick gravy with

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