Grilled Chutney Sandwich

This Sandwich recipe is a perfect breakfast for a busy day ahead. There must be  hundreds of sandwich recipes around the world. The bread slices accommodate so many ingredients from meat ,vegetables,jams and jellies and make a perfect sandwich. It is a quick and healthy bite for  busy day. In this recipe sandwich goes completely desi with green coriander mint chutney and tastes delicious too!

Chutney Sandwich


  • White Bread slices--4 cut the corners
  • Jeera powder
  • Butter

Take a  bread slice  and grate some butter on it so that it spreads evenly. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and jeera powder. On the other slice apply coriander-mint chutney evenly.Now put the bread together and grill it in sandwich maker . Serve it with coriander chutney when ready.

Note- You can add vegetables of your choice like cucumbers,onions,tomatoes thinly sliced to the bread and make a vegetable grilled sandwich.

Coriander-Mint chutney

  • Coriander--1 cup chopped
  • Mint leaves -1\2 cup chopped
  • Grated fresh coconut (or frozen) --1\2 cup
  • Juice of one Small Lime
  • Green chillies--5-6 chopped
  • Salt--1\2 teaspoon

Put all the ingredients into a mixer and grind them to a paste. Season it with salt and store the chutney in the fridge.

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