Green Mango Drink (Panha)

When I think of Green Mango I think of my Aunt's house in Pune where she had huge trees abundant with green mangoes. She used to hire people just to take out all the mangoes and store them in baskets. After making pickles and other stuff she made "panha pulp" which is stored in airtight containers and lasts for a year if refrigerated.

This juice is served in all the marathi households and is said to be cooling to he body in sweltering heat of summer. Guests always prefer this homemade juice over the store brought versions and kids love them too. There are two types of recipes one is sweet and other is salty. Sweet  panha is the oldest version of it since I can remember. You can quickly serve it to your guests once you make the pulp.Here is how you make it..

Green Mango Drink (Panha)

Sweet panha

  • Green mangoes--2 (remove the skin and cut it in long pieces)
  • Sugar --2 cups
  • Cardamon (Elaichi) powder--1 Teaspoon


Take green mangoes and add very little water to it.Cook it in a pressure cooker until soft.Take a sieve and filter it with a big spoon until you get a soft pulp at the bottom.Now add the sugar and elaichi powder to it and store it in a airtight jar.

To make Panha take a glass and add a spoonful of mango pulp to it.Add half teaspoon of sugar , a pinch of salt and pour chilled water and mix.

Salty Panha

  • Green Mangoes--2 
  • Salt --1 Tablespoon
  • Mint (Pudina) leaves-1 Teaspoon
  • Black Salt--A pinch
  • Cumin (Jeera) Powder--1 Teaspoon


Take a the green mangoes and cook them in pressure cooker until soft. Sieve them and take the filtered soft pulp,now add the salt and cumin powder to it and store it in a airtight jar.

When serving the juice take a tablespoon of the pulp in a glass and  pour chilled water. Add mint leaves and serve.

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