Dal Methi

Methi is perhaps the most easy vegetable to grow.When we bought  a house and we had lot of space..I tried to grow  methi by sprinkling the methi seeds in the garden..and voila! Fresh methi started coming out which looked like a baby of its store brought methi parents:) The methi grown at home looks very tender and has a great taste..you can grow it in container too..try it,it is that easy!

This Methi Dal is a very simple recipe which is very easy to make. We love to eat it with rice and some crunchy onions.


  • Methi leaves washed and chopped finely--2 cups
  • Tomatoes--1 medium sized
  • Garlic--2-3
  • Tamarind Paste

  • Toor dal --1 cup boiled and mashed 
  • Green Chillies--4

  • Fresh Coriander Seeds --2 Tbsp
  • Besan--3 Tbsp (add it is water and make a fine paste with spoon)
  • Hing(asafoetida)


Take  a medium sized pan and add oil to it. When it gets hot add mustard seeds and let them sizzle.Now grind chillies and coriander seeds together in a blender or in a stone pestle.Add this paste to the oil and sauté for some time.Add turmeric and hing to the pan.Now add tomatoes ,chopped methi,tamarind and sauté for some time.Add besan paste and let the methi cook for 7-8 minutes on a  very low flame while stirring the mixture.Add the mashed dal and some water.Add salt and let it boil for about 5 minutes before turning off the flame.

Tadka--Take a tadka pan and add some oil to it, add finely chopped garlic and hing to it.Add mirchi powder and immediately add it to the methi dal.Enjoy it with steamed rice or chapati.

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