Dahi-Wada (White lentil fritters with yogurt)

Dahi Wada is a one of the most popular chat items on the menu in any restaurant. It is made with urad dal , dipped in yogurt and sprinkled with spices and chutneys to form a tempting dish appealing to the tastebuds. It is made differently everywhere in India and I am always surprised to see different versions of it. 

I was craving for some dahi-wada and decided to make it today. Usually I make lots of wada's and refrigerate them for  about a week so that I can serve it with dahi and chutney added on the top.I have not come across anyone who does not like it!  It is easy to make once the deep frying is done, and ready to eat in minutes!


  • Urad dal (white lentil)--2 cups 
  • Oil for frying
  • Yogurt or dahi--1 cup
  • Date chutney--4 tablespoons
  • Jeera Powder--1/2 teaspoon
  • Chilli powder--1/2 teaspoon
  • Black salt--a pinch
  • Ginger juice--1 teaspoon
  • Coriander leaves
  • Chat masala--1/2 teaspoon


Wada--Soak the urad dal in water for  about 3 hours until soft. Grind it in the mixer by adding very little water. Keep aside for 1 hour. Take a pan and heat oil in it on medium flame till it gets hot. Pour the urad dal batter in it to form wada and fry it till golden brown. Let it cool and soak it in water for abour 6-7 minutes till the wada gets soft. Squeeze out the water completely and  gently in your palms and put it in a bowl.

Dahi (yogurt)----Take the yogurt in a bowl and add jeera  powder,black salt,crushed ginger juice  chat masala to it . Add sugar and salt to taste and mix well

Dahi-Wada--Take the wada in a bowl and cover it with Dahi. Pour some dates chuney on it. Sprinkle coriander leaves, chilli powder, chat masala and serve cool.

Note--When grinding the batter for wada add very little water,the consistency of the batter should be thick not flowy.

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