Growing Indian vegetables in USA

Growing my own vegetables had been on my list for long which got fullilled when we bought a piece of land where I could sow seeds in my plot  and watch the plants growing and harvesting bountiful vegetables. It requires a little work setting up a bed, caring for plants and watering regularly but is very rewarding to see them growing and harvesting great tasting vegetables.The closer the source the fresher and tastier the food!

Growing Indian vegetables requires equal amount of work as any other vegetable and now it has become so easy with seeds which are available online or in the neighborhood ! Once you start your garden you can store the seeds for next growing season. 

For beginners

Choosing the type of garden-- There are different types of gardening methods available but the easiest one for beginners is "raised bed " method which I have tried and succeded over the years. Wooden planks are made into a definite shape filled with soil to make a perfect bed for growing vegetables or flowers. You can buy them online or in any garden store and set it up yourself or hire someone to do it.

Making a raised bed 

Buy a wooden frame available at any garden store meant for a raised bed. Select a site in your garden which has ample sunlight and most importantly drainage. Beware of ground where a lot of water accumulates after rain. After a site is selected remove all the grass present there. You can either use a grass killer or dig it out. Assemble the raised bed frame and fill it with soil. The soil can be bought from a nearby farm or you can use bags of soil available in a store. You can add cow manure to the soil for rich nutrition.