Kalakand Anjeeri (fig milk-cake)

Kalakand is one of the oldest sweets made in India during festivals and celebrations. A huge pan is  kept on a flame and large amount of milk is boiled stirring it continously till it is thickened to perfection with sugar and dry fruits. I certainly missed this sweet after coming to U.S  and specially the "anjeeri kalakand" which is made of fresh figs or anjeer . This kalakand is brown in color unlike the regular white one and tastes great with the grainy texture of anjeer contributing to the traditional kalakand. 

Fig Milkcake

I was happy to find lots of fresh figs ( anjeer)  in a farm and tried this recipe and it bought back the memories of the grainy kalakand back in India. It is very easy to make and lasts around a month when refrigerated.


  • Figs (anjeer) --6-7
  • Condensed Milk--15 oz
  • Ricotta Cheese--14 oz
  • Cardamon Powder--1/2 teaspoon
  • Chopped Almonds--1 teaspoon


Combine the figs with sugar and cook them on a low flame until they become soft . It takes about 6-7 minutes ,cool them and grind them in a mixer or mash them until they become smooth. Dont grind them too much otherwise they might lose their grainy texture.

Fig Milkcake

Step 1-- Mix the condensed milk and Ricotta cheese in  a greased pan. 

Step 2-- Place it in microwave for 5 minutes,take out and stir well.

Fig Milkcake

Step 3--Place it in microwave for another 5 minutes,take out and stir.

Step 4- Add the cooked figs mixture and place it in microwave for 3 minutes, take out and stir it.

Step-5 -Place it in microwave for 3 minutes,take out and mix well and REPEAT for another 3 minutes.

Fig Milkcake

The fig  mixture will be thick in consistency by now, take it out and place it on a greased plate. Cut into desired shape and let it cool for about 10 minutes. Place chopped almonds and cardamon powder on top and Enjoy!

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