Potato Chips (low cal)

Potato Chips is one of the most loved snacks preferred by all ages. Every time we shop for groceries we are tempted to buy one of this crunchy chips packets. But we are always worry about the calories they will bless our body with and move on. I have tried the "baked" versions but nothing comes to the deep fried potato chips with loaded calories.

This recipe is very low in calories and I was delighted to try it and realize it is as crunchy and tasty as deep fried versions.You can serve it as a snack at a party or as a quick bite for the guests. It takes minutes to make and provides the body with all the goodness a potato has to offer. Here is how you make it..

Potato Chips


Potato Chips preparation

  • Potatoes -2 (thin skinned golden potatoes are the best) 
  • Olive oil spray or olive oil
  • Basil or herb mix
  • Salt or Sea Salt if available


Take potatoes and cut the slices as thinly as possible with a knife (peeling is optional). Take the slices in a bowl and spray it with olive oil. Now add dried herb spices whichever you have in pantry..basil gives a good flavor to it. Add salt and mix well. On a parchment paper spray nonstick spray and place the slices on it. Put it in a microwave for 6-7 minutes until golden. Let them cool and enjoy!

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